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Experienced High Frequency PCB Manufacturer

Alcanta PCB is a professional high frequency pcb manufacturer, we will do our best to meet your needs. We are an experienced full-service PCB manufacturer, providing reliable and excellent high frequency pcb manufacturing services. The frequency of our high frequency pcb is usually in the range of 500MHz to 2GHz.

high frequency pcb manufacturer
high frequency pcb manufacturer

Characteristics of High Frequency PCB

  • Impedance control is very strict, relative to line width control is very strict, the general tolerance is about 2%.
  • The adhesion of PTH to copper is not high because of the special plate. Generally, plasma treatment equipment must be used to roughen the through-hole and surface to increase the adhesion of PTH hole copper and solder mask ink.
  • Resistance welding can not be used before, otherwise the adhesion will be very poor, only micro etching water can be used for roughening.
  • Most of the plates are made of PTFE. Ordinary milling cutter will form a lot of burr, so special milling cutter is needed.
  • High frequency PCB is a special circuit board with high electromagnetic frequency. In general, high frequency can be defined as frequencies above 1 GHz.
  • Its physical properties, precision and technical parameters are very high, and it is often used in automotive anti-collision systems, satellite systems, radio systems and other fields.
  • Generally speaking, the PCB industry believes that RF circuit board is any high frequency PCB working above 100MHz. In the RF level, Microwave PCB is used for 2GHz and above

High frequency PCB needs special materials

Special materials are required to achieve the high frequency provided by this type of printed circuit board – any change in the ER value of these materials may affect the impedance of the circuit board. Many PCB designers choose Rogers dielectric material because of its lower dielectric loss, lower signal loss, lower circuit manufacturing cost and more suitable for rapid turnover prototype applications.

In addition to selecting the right PCB material and determining the correct Er value, the designer should also consider the conductor width and spacing, substrate constant and other parameters. The highest level of process control must be used to specify and implement these parameters precisely.



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