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Copper clad fr4 board

The CCL comprises a laminate consisting of a continuous woven glass cloth impregnated with epoxy resin. The boards are made of FR4, a flame retardant version of the G-10 material.

copper clad fr4 board
copper clad fr4 board

Copper clad FR4

Our FR4 copper clad laminate is a fire rated dielectric glass fiber material made by pressing hte (high temperature elongated) copper laminate onto the FR4 substrate under high pressure. It is usually used for PCB.

FR4 colors: black, blue, yellow, red, orange and tan and natural colors (other colors available on request)

Color FR4 has black, blue, yellow and natural colors. Our black copper clad laminates and electrical grade laminates are used for light blocking PCBs for LED, night vision and aerospace applications. Color FR4 is always available in solid colors with 50% natural colors and 50% color configurations.

Application and Application

These boards are ideal for prototype design and small batch production. PCB manufacturers, design engineers, enthusiasts and students use them.

Features and advantages:

  • Comply with UL (file No. e214381) and ipc-4101c / 21
  • Dicy curing system
  • Easy to cut without professional equipment
  • ultraviolet-proof
  • 1 oz (1.37 million pounds, 35 μ m) and 1 / 2 ounces (0.67 mil, 17 μ m) copper cladding are available
  • Provide laminate thicknesses of 1 / 16 inch (1.60 mm) and 1 / 32 inch (0.80 mm)

We also made high temperature copper clad laminates with the same function in FR5, but showed better flexibility strength (177 ° C) at high temperature.

Low temperature grade G-10 NB

IPC grade / cryptographic grade G-10 is an electrical and mechanical grade glass cloth laminate impregnated and cured with non brominated epoxy resin. Also known as g-10-cr. G-10-cr meets mil spec mil-i-24768 / 2 type gee. G-10-cr is halogen-free and can be used in nuclear and aerospace applications.



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