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Cavity printed circuit board manufacturer

As we are committed to providing the highest standards of quality, performance and reliability for each circuit board we manufacture, advanced circuits has become a company operating in the printed circuit board manufacturing and assembly industry. Alcanta PCB has become one of the Cavity printed circuit board manufacturers producing printed circuit boards.

Cavity printed circuit board manufacturer
Cavity printed circuit board manufacturer

In engineering and manufacturing printed circuit boards, aspect has been continuing its perfect tradition. Our reliability and financial stability make us the industry’s leading provider of time critical High Performance PCB solutions. We support more than 5000 active customers representing leading OEMs and EMS companies in the automotive, communications, healthcare, military, aerospace and portable equipment industries.

Our custom-made printed circuit boards are manufactured with the highest quality. Our engineering team can review your design with you to ensure that printed circuit boards can be manufactured with the highest quality at the best overall cost.

Why is PCB manufacturing experience important

A true understanding of the latest technology in PCB design and manufacturing ensures that our customers get what they need when they need it, without delay. Whether it is fast delivery, reliable and stable high-tech PCB production, or competitive prices, we can help you achieve your goals.

The choice of each PCB design affects your price and delivery, so our goal is always to identify customer priorities and then create solutions around those priorities. By providing free DFM (manufacturing design) PCB document review, 24 / 7 24 / 7 engineering support, electrolytic hard / soft gold / ENIG coating, mil-prf / AS9100 certification, and many other features, aspect engineered technologies has the experience of meeting your needs.

Advanced HDI, stacked micropores, multi-layer advanced RF / microwave, laser drilled micropores, cavity plates, heavy / polar copper, pad holes, DOD / Itar, and more within our standard capabilities enable us to quickly obtain the highest customer technology printed circuit boards.

New advanced PCB material!

These new materials can be used in: integrity design requiring miniaturization, advanced HDI, stacked micropores, antenna and aerospace, multilayer advanced RF and microwave. Advanced circuits is one of the few U.S. manufacturers certified to offer integrated technology’s zeta Lam high-density interconnect products.

  • Halogen free UL certified materials
  • High speed / ultra low DK and new RF products
  • Rogers 2929 bondply
  • 3M ECM (embedded capacitor material)
  • Lohakel

Our online quotation and ordering tools enable you to obtain the high-tech PCB for prototype and mass production.



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