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Cavity PCB

Circuit boards that require deep control cuts to expose air to the inner layer are called Cavity PCB.The Cavity PCB provides space for electronic components such as capacitors, transistors and logic modules, making the assembled PCB generally thinner. They can be applied to multi-layer PCB, and if used on a single circuit board, they can provide different layouts of multiple cavities with different depths.

Cavity PCB
Cavity PCB

Cavity PCB application area:

Applications include antenna applications and assembly of components. We serve the following industries:

  • microwave
  • telecom
  • Automobile industry

The most cost-effective cavity falls on the etched area of the metal layer. With appropriate infrared wavelength energy transfer, the dielectric absorbs the laser energy, but the metal reflects the energy to leave a clean surface for electroplating, wire bonding or reflow.

By controlling the depth of cavity cutting by MLT, the cavity stopped on the etching circuit layer can be created. MLT controls depth and cavity scraping. Through customized programming technology and using the correct space and time laser beam profile, the energy is evenly distributed in the cavity area.

As the processing depth of the laser cavity reaches 25um – 50um of the required depth, ablation switches from high-energy or “coarse” transport to low-energy or “fine” transport. This fine ablation removes the dielectric from the circuit surface and stops just below the etched circuit plane.



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