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Cavity PCB Manufacturing Processes

The invention relates to a PCB manufacturing method, in particular to a cavity PCB manufacturing method for maintaining the height uniformity of surface mounted components.

Cavity PCB manufacturing processes
Cavity PCB manufacturing processes

The traditional PCB (printed circuit board) manufacturing technology limits the size of the component when inserting the mounting part due to the fixed size of the component shell, so the mounting part is determined within a certain size range. As the size of the mounting parts is limited, the parts box is reduced.

It can be seen that the height of the surface mounted components on the left side is different from that of the surface mounted components on the right side, that is, the height of the surface mounted components is uneven. Therefore, the height of surface mounted components is required to be uniform.

The invention has been made to meet the above requirements, and the object of the invention is to provide a PCB manufacturing method with a surface mounting component with uniform height.

A cavity PCB manufacturing method according to the invention for realizing the above purpose

In the manufacturing method of PCB (PCB, printed circuit board),

  • (a) A first photoresist flux (PSR) is applied to a cavity region including a cavity circuit in an inner substrate;
  • (b) Preparing an empty prepreg in which an area corresponding to the cavity region is emptied;
  • (c) Attaching the non flowing prepreg to the inner substrate;
  • (d) Heating and compressing the flow prepreg of the welding furnace; and
  • (e) Exposing the cavity circuit by removing the first PSR on the cavity circuit;

And a control unit.

Here, step (d) is to heat and press a copper plate coated on a welded furnace stream prepreg,

Preferably, it also comprises the following steps: opening a cavity area on a copper plate on a pressurized furnace stream prepreg.

In addition, process (E)

  • A second PSR is printed in the cavity area;
  • Forming an outer circuit on a copper foil; and
  • Remove the second PSR; from the cavity area;.

According to the manufacturing method of the cavity PCB of the present invention, the effect of reducing the size limit of the mounting part can be obtained to increase the applicability of the slender and high-performance components.

According to the cavity PCB manufacturing method of the invention, the thickness of the component mounting plate can be minimized and can be stacked multiple times by forming a function pad at the second layer to form a SMD pad. PCB installed components have an impact.



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