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Cavity PCB Design And Procurement – How To Cut Costs

It is a well-known fact that the main PCB or for that matter, Rogers PCB, Cavity PCB and BT PCB are all the at the heart of any electronic device. If you have noticed that the sizes of electronic devices have come down drastically over the years, you have to thank the PCB or Printed Circuit Board.

This PCB is the base on which the circuitry is done for the device. However complex or intricate the circuitry, it can be done on the PCB. No longer do you have to contend with wires of all kinds hanging ungainly and making the device bulky. The PCB enables any device to perform multiple features and functions without adding to the bulk. Not only that, thanks to the design and optimized use of the PCB, the cost too can come down drastically.

Cavity PCB Design And Procurement – How To Cut Costs
Cavity PCB Design And Procurement – How To Cut Costs

Given the importance of the PCB, it is essential to make sure that you are able to design, fabricate and manufacture it yourself. However, that calls for a lot of skills, time and effort, apart from investment. You will do well to outsource this requirement and look for a supplier who can deliver what you want. That will enable you to concentrate on your core competency of coming out with devices, innovate and be creative for delivering products that the market needs.

Seek convenience for Cavity PCB online quotation

The search for a reliable partner, who can design, fabricate, test and manufacture the PCBs that you want for your device is a crucial activity. You have to understand that this is for the long-term and therefore the selection has to be just perfect. The PCB is the most important aspect of the device and should it not function properly, you stand the risk of the device conking off. That can lead to loss of market share, a bad name and tremendous business opportunity losses.

It is therefore essential to fall back on references or of suppliers that are well known. Ideally, those with experience in supplying all kinds of PCBs to various industries should be the first on the list. You can contact them, discuss the requirements with them and if satisfied with the commercial terms, look forward to receiving the first prototype that can be tested and if found ok, get the PCBs manufactured. Those who have large scale manufacturing facilities will also be able to offer you better pricing due to the economies of scale they enjoy. Moreover, they may be able to use their assembly line for the making of PCBs for different customers, thereby cutting on their costs, which they might be able to pass on to their customers. Such suppliers may also be able to offer JIT services and with much lesser lead times. Check here to find more information on the same;

Cavity PCB Stackup
Cavity PCB Stackup

You also need to keep in mind the file format for the electronic designs. Normally the Gerber format is a common one but you have to check if the supplier can work with other formats as well. The bigger suppliers who have worked across industries are capable of working with all kinds of formats. They generally have in-house talent as well to take care of any issues during the whole process.

The final point is on the packages. The special BGA and chip scale packages are not acceptable to many companies. You need to work with your vendor to provide the right packaging that is ok with them.

Cavity PCB pricing is not the only consideration

At the initial stages, it may be prudent to not focus much on pricing. You have to make sure you get a reliable sourcing partner who can be with you and provide you with all types of PCBs of the highest quality. Once you start working together and are comfortable with the requirements of each other, commercial terms may be renegotiated.

If you are unable to get PCB suppliers through references or on your own, you can try the online quote system. The internet is a great resource to ask for quotes based on your requirements. You only have to ensure that you provide the exact specifications of the PCBs you require for your devices such as the material to be used, the thickness desired and the devices they will be used for. When you ask for quotes online, there is a possibility you will be able to save on costs.

Different types of PCBs

The main PCB is the printed circuit board and we have already talked about it. The Cavity PCB is the one that has holes in it to make the components appear smaller. This will aid in making the thinnest of devices possible. Nobody wants to take a bulky or heavy device with them, especially with so many people working out of home. The Cavity PCB is the reason why you have the thinnest of laptops, this PCB is also used in the making of the LED monitors and for televisions.

The BT PCB on the other hand comes into play due to the need for semiconductor technology being so prevalent in today’s times. There is a requirement for using substrate mounting and the BT PCB makes use of the epoxy resin with copper lamination to ensure that the device does not heat up. This resin Bismaleimide triazine enables excellent electrical connectivity, higher heat resistance and lower dielectric loss. These attributes make the device perform very well.

The Rogers PCB is the one using the FR4 technology or Flame Retardant Level 4. This is typically used in devices that require complex circuitry, where there is need to pack in a lot of diodes, resistors and the like. The usage of this Rogers PCB in fields of aviation, telecommunication and defense is very common. This PCB enables very less spillage of conductivity even at higher frequencies. They come with single or double packed copper foils.

Cavity PCB Package Types

Take a close look at the span of package types that the PCB assembly manufacturer can accept for production. The quality vendors will list this vital information on their websites. Not all companies can accept special ball grid array (BGA) or chip-scale packages. By contacting the PCB manufacturer’s technical support team to verify their capabilities for assembling your prototype PCBs, you can avoid problems prior to the commencement of production.



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