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Can every PCB manufacturer make Teflon PCB?

The above characteristics of Teflon make it one of the best candidate materials for printed circuit board (PCB). However, not every PCB manufacturer is ready to use teflon PCB, because this kind of laminate requires special equipment and process. Although you encounter Teflon PCB manufacturers in the search, you must ensure that they have a team with the knowledge, experience and ability to work with materials. The manufacturer you choose must be aware of the characteristics of Teflon PCB materials so that he / she will form materials suitable for high speed and high frequency circuit boards.

teflon pcb manufacturer
teflon pcb manufacturer

Advanced applications using Teflon PCB

PTFE printed circuit boards are used in a variety of industrial, commercial and mission critical applications. Here are some important applications using Teflon PCB:

  • power amplifier
  • Handheld cellular devices and wifi antenna
  • Telematics and infotainment equipment
  • Phased array radar system
  • Aerospace guidance telemetry
  • Constant speed cruise
  • Cooling solution
  • Wireless base station

Teflon PCB features

  • Number of layers: double sided PCB
  • Plate thickness: 1.6mm
  • Copper thickness: 3oz
  • Dielectric constant (DK): 2.55
  • Surface treatment: Silver immersion



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