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BT50 Product Specifications

Amp’ed RF technology has launched BT50 smart ready Bluetooth module, which supports v4.1 Bluetooth low power consumption and classic: dual mode. The BT50 includes integrated internal or external antenna options, providing a complete, ready to use RF platform.

BT50 product specifications
BT50 product specifications

BT50 is a surface mount PCB module with pre tested RF regulatory certification, which can shorten the time to market and improve reliability. Fully compatible with our ampedup embedded protocol stack, BT50 can match many host MCU chipsets. In addition, Linux and other operating systems can host BT50.

BT50 function – Bluetooth function:

  • FCC, IC, CE and Bluetooth certification
  • Bluetooth v4.1 smart ready
  • Type 1 Radio
  • The sight distance is up to 80m
  • 1.5mbps data throughput
  • 128 bit encryption security

Hardware configuration:

  • UART H4 HCI interface
  • PCM interface
  • 1 LPO input

Embedded software:

  • Amp’edup dual mode bluetooth stack: BT classic and BT low energy
  • Abserial, at command set
  • SDK, software development kit (optional)



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