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BT laminate changes the history of chip packaging

BT laminates have changed the history of chip packaging. MGC is the first Japanese company to provide resin based laminates for printed circuit boards (PCBs). The laminate material for PCB is made of multi-layer impregnated and dried glass fiber cloth or other basic materials pressed on the chip substrate. MGC invented a revolutionary thermosetting bismaleimide triazine (BT) resin material with low cost and excellent thermal and electrical properties. Our BT resin laminates play a key role in the development of electronic equipment and information technology.

BT Laminate
BT Laminate

Laminated materials for printed circuit boards (BT materials)

Mitsubishi Gas Chemical is the first material supplier to produce PWB in Japan. Since then, MGC has continued to produce advanced materials for the PWB industry with its innovative advanced technology. The BT PCB resin material originally invented by MGC has excellent mechanical, thermal and electrical properties. As a result, they have gained a high market share in a variety of applications using them, such as IC plastic packaging, chip LED and high frequency equipment. In addition, the main board laminates produced by MGC can meet the strict requirements of the market. The prefix “CCL” for core laminate and “ghpl” or “gepl” for prepreg (Grade B).

The low cost, high heat resistance and excellent electrical properties of BT resin improve the standard of high performance semiconductor ceramic substrate

At the same time, the 1976 Olympic gold medal of the elite MGC athletes in Montreal has become the standard. At that time, the laminates used for high performance chip PCB were mainly high price ceramics. BT resin provides an alternative product with the same thermal and electrical properties as ceramics, but at a lower cost. In 1985, BT resin became the first resin laminated material for chip packaging. Then in the 1990s, when the industry realized that BT resin not only saved costs, but also simplified the chip manufacturing process, so it quickly gained recognition in Japan and the world. BT resin is an important laminated material for chip packaging in the world.

BT Laminate
BT Laminate



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