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Benefits of Metal Core PCB

Epec has over 30 years of experience in manufacturing metal clad PCB, metal core PCB (MCPCB), and PCBs with an external conductor attached. These technologies create unique design and manufacturing challenges that go well beyond a typical computer circuit board.

metal core PCB
metal core PCB

Listed below you’ll find all the various MCPCB technologies that we offer . Working with an experienced, knowledgeable PCB manufacturer is very recommended to make sure your MCPCB requirements aren’t only buildable but cost effective also .

Aluminum PCBs

Every rigid and versatile computer circuit board (PCB) design is different, customized to satisfy the board’s purpose. an equivalent is true for the PCB base material — fiberglass may be a popular base material, but aluminum-based PCBs also are very effective in many applications. Aluminum PCBs contains a metal-based, copper-clad laminate that delivers high performance, including excellent thermal conductivity and electrical insulation.

Single Sided Metal Clad PCBs

Single sided is that the commonest and cost-effective metal clad PCB, mainly utilized in high volume applications like LED lighting, automotive lighting, and other consumer products. Even the foremost common MCPCB technology still requires specific equipment and know-how for manufacturers to style and build it correctly. See our page on Aluminum computer circuit boards for more information.

Thermal Conductivity

With today’s high-speed PCB requirements, many materials have low Dk and low loss properties but lack any of the thermal properties required to form their application function at its optimal level. Traditionally, we might plan to add copper weight to the layers of a multilayer PCB, which adds significant cost to the PCB. this is able to also require multiple mechanical interconnects between layers, which are vulnerable to failure over the lifetime of a PCB.

With a metal core board, we will minimize the amount of interconnects necessary along side providing multiple plated through hole (PTH) opportunities for the customer to attach with the interior metal core to assist dissipate the warmth evenly.



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