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Application of LED PCB | Printed Circuit Board

Led PCB is the core of LED lighting. Now, there are many different types of LED lights in the market. All brands only design different shapes to make them more beautiful. As an LED PCB manufacturer with 10 years of LED PCB manufacturing experience, rayming has provided so many circuit boards to the market, including LED driver on LED PCB board or non driver. Here, we will explain more different parts of LED lights.

led pcb board
led pcb board

LED circuit board

With the continuous development of printed circuit board technology, it paves the way for creating a series of exciting product innovation. A typical example is the development of PCB for LED lighting. The LED is soldered to the circuit board and has a chip that emits light when electrically connected. The heat sink and ceramic base are used for bonding chips.

An LED PCB is prone to generate high heat capacity, which makes it difficult to cool by traditional means. Therefore, metal core PCB is often used in LED applications due to its enhanced heat dissipation capability. Aluminum, in particular, is often used to make circuit boards for LED lights. Aluminum pcb usually includes a layer of thermal conductive dielectric material, which can transfer and dissipate heat in a much more efficient way than traditional rigid pcb.

PCB LED application

Due to its excellent energy efficiency, low cost and maximum design flexibility, PCB LED lamps can be integrated into many lighting applications. Examples include car headlights, airport runway landing lights, military application lighting, street lighting, highway tunnel lighting, photovoltaic (solar) lighting, flashlights and lanterns, traffic and signal lighting, hospital operating room lighting, high growth plant lighting, led reading lights, etc.



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