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Application and advantages of rigid flexible pcb

The price of rigid flexible pcb is high, but it is widely used. It can be customized for various industries. They are very suitable for military, aerospace and medical equipment, but can also be used in some commercial products.

rigid flexible pcb
rigid flexible pcb

There are several situations that make rigid flexible PCB the best solution. In this case, these boards are not only worth the investment, but may be the most cost-effective option.

These rigid flexible pcb applications include:

High impact and high vibration environment. Rigid flexible PCB has high impact resistance and can survive in high stress environment, otherwise it will lead to equipment failure.

High precision applications where reliability is more important than cost factors. In cases where cable or connector failure can be dangerous, it is best to use a more durable rigid flexible PCB.

High density applications. Some components lack the required surface area for all the required connectors and cables. Rigid flexible circuit can save space to solve this problem.

Applications that require multiple rigid plates. When an assembly is filled with more than four connection boards, replacing them with a single rigid flexible PCB may be the best choice and more cost-effective.

More generally, rigid flexible PCB has the following advantages:

  • Withstand high levels of shock and vibration
  • Hundreds of thousands of elastic cycles
  • Reduce package weight
  • Increase circuit density
  • Reduce necessary assembly operations

Rigid flexible pcb components are ideal for reducing and / or eliminating labor, yield, transmission and reliability issues inherent in connectors and applications. Any component that can benefit from these functions can benefit from rigid flexible PCB.



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