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Aluminum Core PCB | One of the Materials of Metal Core PCB

Aluminum PCB(Aluminum printed circuit board), also known as metal substrate PCB, is composed of metal substrate pressing plate covered by copper foil circuit layer. They are made of aluminum, magnesium and aluminum silicon (Al Mg SI) alloy plates. Aluminum PCB has excellent electrical insulation, good thermal potential and high processing performance, and they are different from other PCB in many important aspects.

aluminium core pcb
aluminium core pcb

Aluminum core PCB is one of the metal core materials of thermal conductive PCB. The metal core of thermal conductive PCB can be a mixture of aluminum (aluminum core PCB), copper (copper core PCB or heavy copper PCB) or special alloy. The most common is aluminum core PCB. Other materials, such as brass or steel, are sometimes required but are not recommended. Metal PCB material is very hard, cutting PCB into small pieces will bring problems. Other considerations in choosing metal PCB materials are the chemicals in the manufacturing process and whether the metal will react to them. The thickness of metal core in PCB substrate is usually 30 to 125 mil, but thicker or thinner board is also feasible.

What is Metal Core PCB (MCPCB)?

Metal core printed circuit board (MCPCB), also known as thermal PCB or metal backplane PCB, is a kind of PCB Based on metal material as the radiator part of the board. Thick metal (almost always aluminum or copper) covers one side of the PCB. The metal core may be a reference of the metal and may be located in the middle or back of the plate. The purpose of MCPCB core is to transfer heat from key circuit board components to secondary areas, such as metal fin backing or metal core. The base metal in MCPCB can be used as a substitute for FR4 or cem3.

Why use Metal Core PCB?

Too much heat accumulated in the printed circuit board can lead to equipment failure. Electronic devices that generate a lot of heat cannot always be cooled by conventional fans. Conduction cooling through metal core plate is an ideal choice. In conduction cooling, heat is transferred from a hot part to a cooler part by direct contact. This method works well because heat is always trying to move to any colder object or medium.



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