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Aluminium PCB manufacturer

If you are looking for an Aluminium PCB manufacturer, MORE PCB LTD has extensive experience in manufacturing high thermal conductivity aluminium PCBs. We offer first-class service and a wide range of high-tech options.

Aluminium PCB manufacturer
Aluminium PCB manufacturer

MCPCB, Metal Core PCB, Thermal PCB – Regardless of your name, they are circuit boards that use base metal materials as part of the circuit board radiator.These types of circuit boards are usually made from metal substrates made of aluminium (most commonly), but they can also be made from copper.

Aluminum PCB stacking details are shown in the figure.

Aluminium PCB for LED details:

1.Aluminum PCB Copper

The wire layer etches the copper circuit (wire) layer to form a printed circuit, compared with the FR4 material.

Aluminum PCB can withstand higher currents when the same circuit layer thickness and the same widths are used.

  1. Aluminum PCB conductive layer Aluminum conduction

Layer is the core technology of Aluminium PCB, which plays the roles of bonding, insulation and heat conduction.

The better the thermal conductivity of insulating materials, the faster the heat they distribute while working, thus achieving the goals of increasing the power load of modules, reducing volume, prolonging service life and increasing output power.

  1. Aluminum PCB Metal Base Layer

Usually, aluminum is the ideal choice considering cost and technical characteristics.The available aluminium plates are 6061, 5052, 1060, etc.

Copper, stainless steel, iron, silicon steel sheets can also be used if they have high heat transfer, mechanical, electrical and other special performance requirements.



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