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Affordable 4 layer PCB Manufacturer

The process of manufacturing multilayer printed circuit boards requires special equipment and a lot of training for operators, not to mention financial considerations. This explains why some manufacturers enter the multi-layer manufacturing market more slowly than others. Alcanta PCB can provide extended functions to support demanding advanced PCB design, including laser drilling, micropore, cavity board, weighing up to 20 oz. Heavy copper, pad inside pad, microwave and RF board, up to 40 layers and others.

4 layer pcb manufacturer
4 layer pcb manufacturer

Four layer PCB is a printed circuit board composed of four copper layers, which are laminated together by resin layers. In addition, four layer PCB is widely used in automobile, telecommunication, industrial control and other fields. In other words, four layer PCB tends to become one of the mainstream products in the manufacturing market, and the demand will inevitably increase. Therefore, it is very important to find cheap 4 layer PCB manufacturers, Alcanta PCB can help you.

Reliable 4 layer PCB manufacturer

Four layer PCB belongs to multi-layer PCB, which will involve complex manufacturing process. In order to provide customers with high quality 4 layer PCB, the manufacturer must carefully carry out every step, especially in such steps as oxide brown replacement or panel plating. As a result, our PCB has good quality, thanks to its reliable 4 layer PCB manufacturer.

Affordable 4 layer PCB manufacturer

Based on long-term cooperation with these reliable manufacturers, Alcanta PCB has successfully obtained competitive prices from them. In addition, customers can view more details through the manufacturer list on the official website of Alcanta PCB. You can compare the prices of different manufacturers and find the best price in your heart.

Alcanta PCB is a great 4 layer PCB manufacturer, this is a good opportunity, you should not miss it!



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