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About taconic ptfe teflon pcb

Leader in the development and manufacturing of advanced engineering composites for taconic ptfe teflon pcb. Taconic has become a leading supplier in the food processing industry by pioneering the manufacture of PTFE coated fabrics and other high temperature / non stick materials. They also offer a wide range of coating materials, including tapes, fabrics and belts for various industrial applications.

taconic ptfe teflon pcb
taconic ptfe teflon pcb

The company’s senior dielectric division provides high-quality circuit board materials for the fast-growing wireless communications industry. Today, TAIC’s ability to keep pace with its customers in terms of material supply, as well as its ability to keep pace with its customers in terms of material supply and service.

Taconic’s advanced dielectric division joined AGC in June 2019. For the past 50 years, Taconic has been committed to meeting the global market demand for high-performance PTFE composites and high-frequency materials.

Founded in 1961 by Lester T. Russell, a recognized inventor of the process of applying PTFE to glass fiber fabrics, Taconic began to develop a series of advanced engineering composites for various markets. AGC is ready to use Taconic’s expertise, global leadership and extensive R & D efforts to innovate products that meet the future needs of high-frequency electronics.

Microwave and RF PCB applications require laminates whose electrical, thermal, mechanical or performance characteristics should exceed the standard FR-4 materials. Taconic, Arlon, Teflon, Rogers PCB and nelco PCB materials are mircroave / RF PCB materials.

Product display

Whether you need the thermal and electrical stability of ceramic filled PTFE laminates or the dimensional stability of woven glass fiber reinforced PTFE laminates, AGC can provide you with solutions. We also offer thermoplastic and thermosetting adhesive layers / prepregs as well as a range of special materials to meet all your requirements for high performance materials

Application area

What is the best material for base station antenna, keyless access system, wireless body area network (WBAN) or flexible components? This is the use of AGC. Our sales and engineering teams will help evaluate your application and recommend the appropriate laminate or prepreg to work within your application parameters.



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