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About High Tg FR4 PCB Fabrication

Here are some knowledge about high Tg FR4 PCB fabrication. The glass transition temperature (referred to as “TG”) of PCB is an important factor to be considered when manufacturing PCB for high temperature applications. If the temperature in the applied area exceeds the specified “TG” value, it will change the resin matrix of the board from a solid state to a soft, elastic state. This in turn leads to performance and functional issues. Our high temperature PCB series products are widely used in defense, military, nuclear power, power and automotive industries.

High tg FR4 PCB fabrication
High tg FR4 PCB fabrication

High Tg PCB:

Glass transition temperature (TG) is one of the most important properties of any epoxy resin. It is the temperature range of polymer from hard glassy material to soft rubber like material.

Circuit board materials must be flame retardant, can not be burned at a certain temperature, can only be softened. This temperature point is called the glass transition temperature (TG).

The higher the TG point, the higher the temperature requirement during lamination. And the plate will be hard and brittle, which will affect the pore and electrical properties.

Common PCB materials will not only soften, deform and melt, but also decrease their mechanical and electrical properties.

Generally, FR4 TG is 130-140 ℃, moderate TG is more than 150-160 ℃, and high Tg is more than 170 ℃.

The higher Tg, the better the heat resistance, moisture resistance, chemical resistance and stability of PCB.

FR4 is the code of epoxy glass material grade.

TG is the glass transition temperature.

When the working temperature reaches the melting point, it means that if the temperature exceeds the TG value, the state of PCB material will change from glassy to liquid, which will affect the function of PCB. This value is related to the stability of PCB size.

It is usually made of PCB material with TG ≥ 170 ℃, which is called high Tg printed circuit board. With the rapid development of electronic industry, high Tg materials are widely used in computers, communication equipment, precision instruments and instruments.

Typical application of high Tg PCB

Our high temperature PCB is one of the flagship products, and has been found in industries that need electronic systems that can operate at higher temperatures. We provide services for customers from different industries by providing the required specifications of high temperature and heat-resistant PCB in a short time. Some application examples of these PCBs include:

  • Engine controller
  • DownVia oil drilling equipment
  • Medical diagnostic instruments



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