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6 Layer PCB Manufacturer

6 layer PCB has become a part of compact wearable device and other key task communication equipment, and multi-layer PCB has been widely used in various industries. Nowadays, it is easy to find several types of Multilayer PCB, including 4 layer PCB, 6 layer PCB, etc.

6 layer pcb manufacturer
6 layer pcb manufacturer

Introduction of 6 layer PCB:

As the name suggests, a six layer PCB includes six layers of conductive materials. It is basically a 4 layer PCB with two additional signal layers placed between the two planes. A typical 6 layer PCB stack has the following six layers: two internal layers, two outer layers and two internal planes – one for power supply and one for grounding. This design improves EMI and provides better routing for low and high speed signals. Two surface layers help route low-speed signals, while two internal buried layers help route high-speed signals.

Benefits of using 6 layer PCB:

Due to the design of the six layer PCB, they have become a common function in several advanced electronic circuits. The following advantages of these boards make them popular among electronics manufacturers.

  • Small footprint: these printed circuit boards are smaller than others due to their multi-layer design. This is particularly beneficial for micro devices.
  • Quality driven design: as mentioned earlier, the 6 layer PCB stack design requires a lot of planning. This helps to reduce errors in detail, thus ensuring high quality construction. In addition, today, all major PCB manufacturers are using a variety of testing and inspection techniques to ensure the suitability of these boards.
  • Lightweight structure: compact PCB is realized by using lightweight components, which helps to reduce the overall weight of PCB. Unlike single or double-layer PCBs, six layer boards do not require multiple connectors to interconnect components.
  • Improved durability: as shown in the figure above, these PCBs use multiple insulating layers between circuits, and these layers are bonded with protective materials and different prepreg adhesives. This helps to improve the durability of these PCBs.
  • Excellent electrical performance: these printed circuit boards have excellent electrical performance to ensure high speed and high capacity in a compact design.

Whether you are an old OEM or a new electronic manufacturer, you will need high-quality 6 layer pcb manufacturers to meet your application requirements. To understand their importance in the device, it’s important to get them from trusted sources. The company designs circuit boards for micro smart devices, military and medical devices. The company has been providing quality driven 6 layer printed circuit boards and multi-layer printed circuit boards to customers.



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