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6 layer pcb fabrication

Six layer PCB is the place where circuit board technology really begins to enter into the advanced aspect of today’s electronic products. With six layer PCB, manufacturers can power a range of commercial high-tech products, healthcare equipment and industrial machinery.

6 layer pcb fabrication
6 layer pcb fabrication

A six layer PCB stack is similar to a four layer PCB, but has two additional copper layers and two additional dielectric material rows. In the six layer stack, the second and fourth dielectric rows are marked as “core”, while the first, third and fifth are prepreg. Among the six conducting copper bars, the second and fifth rows are plane, and the rest are signals.

Since its development, six layer PCB has been a blessing for the electronics industry. With their huge technical advantages in single and double deck panels, they enable manufacturers to bring a large number of innovative devices to the public. Some of the main advantages of six layer PCB include:

  • Strength – six layer PCB is thicker than its thinner predecessor, so it is more robust.
  • Compactness – this plate with a six ply thickness has greater process capability and therefore can reduce the width.
  • High capacity – PCB with six or more layers provides the best power for electronic devices and greatly reduces the possibility of crosstalk and EMI.

In the past two decades, computer technology has been developed by leaps and bounds with six or more layers of multilayer printed circuit boards. This level of PCB improves the following electronic equipment:

  • Computer-6-layer PCB helps to promote the rapid development of personal computers, personal computers become more compact, portable and fast.
  • Data storage – in the past decade, the high capacity of six layer PCB has enriched the resources of data storage devices.
  • Fire alarm system – with the help of 6 or more layers of circuit boards, the alarm system becomes more accurate in the event of an actual hazard.

Six layer PCB has also been used in mobile phone transmission, optical fiber receiver, cardiac monitor, industrial control and GPS technology.

Common layer stacking of six layer PCB

Common layer stacking of six layer PCB
Common layer stacking of six layer PCB



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