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Flex PCB has been widely used in electronic industry. As one of the leading manufacturers of these boards, Rigiflex offers four layers of flexible printed circuit boards. These boards are used in a variety of industrial applications, including power supplies, medical devices, automotive components and industrial control equipment.

4 Layer Flex PCB
4 Layer Flex PCB

These printed circuit boards have four conductive layers and are made of polyimide instead of FR4. As a heat stable material, polyimide can withstand extremely high heat in high temperature applications. The flexibility provided by polyimide makes surface mounting easier than hard board, which helps simplify the design. This polyimide also helps to create complex designs that are not possible for rigid printed circuit boards. Again, this material helps to reduce the overall weight of the PCB.

Rigiflex provides these six layers of printed circuit boards with various specifications, such as module spacing / width 4 / 3 mil, surface treatment thickness of 0.2mm and circuit board thickness of 0.5mm-3.0mm (0.02 “~ 0.12”), and the maximum board size is 18 “x24”. Although immersion gold is the most popular choice for surface treatment, we also offer HASL and OSP options. All of these surface treatments help to improve the performance of these plates under pressure.

4 Layer Flex PCB
4 Layer Flex PCB

Copper thickness is one of the important aspects of PCB design. The current carrying capacity of PCB completely depends on the thickness. That’s why we offer a variety of copper thicknesses to choose from. The available copper thickness ranges from 0.5 oz, 1.0 Oz, 2.0 Oz, 3.0 oz to 6 oz. Perform contour processing using V-CUT, drilling and milling. These plates are available in popular solder mask colors, including blue, green, white and red. We can also provide special optical imaging solder resist Taiyo psr4000 white for circuit boards. PCB can be used with any of these screen printing colors (white and black).

Rigiflex has been very popular in the development of flexible circuit boards with the thinnest substrate. These substrates help to reduce weight and improve the heat dissipation of these plates. In addition, we can create PCB with lower interconnection point, which helps to reduce the chance of system failure and improve its reliability. Our extensive industry experience and the ability to use the advanced equipment in our factory enable us to manufacture complex circuit boards with extremely thin substrates in the shortest turnaround time. These thin substrates help reduce packaging size and weight – a major advantage for the electronics industry.

4 Layer Flex PCB
4 Layer Flex PCB



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