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20 oz copper thicknessinheavycopperpcb-ALCANTAPCB

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20 oz copper thickness in heavy copper pcb

In heavy copper pcb, the thickness of copper is particularly important. The larger the number of oz of copper, the greater the cost, just as 20 oz will cost more than 16 oz.Copper is commonly used in gutters, downpipes, countertops, fume hoods, decorative roofs and upright jointed roofs. It also has perforated plates and pre textured hammering plates. We have 16 oz, 20 oz, 32 oz and 48 oz of copper; typical paper sizes are 36 “x 120” and 48 “x 120”. We also offer 16 and 20 oz coils with smaller widths.

20 oz copper thickness in heavy copper pcb
20 oz copper thickness in heavy copper pcb

Copper is measured by weight in ounces per square foot. Copper forms a bronze color when exposed to the weather – many factors affect the color and appearance – copper can be brown, green, black and anywhere in between. Contrary to popular belief, this is not corrosion, but a chemical reaction. It won’t affect the service life of your copper products – copper will greatly extend your life. Hundreds of years ago, buildings in Europe still had copper roofs.

All our copper is at least 99.5% pure copper, ASTM B 370.

20 oz copper thickness
20 oz copper thickness



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