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Flexible printed circuit board (FPC) is considered for extreme temperature applications. Rigiflex offers two layers of flexible printed circuit boards, which have become a regular choice for various industry applications. These boards contain two conductive layers on the polyimide substrate. Our FPCs are known for their improved impedance control and reliability.

2 Layer Flex PCB
2 Layer Flex PCB

The wall thickness of these printed circuit boards can be as small as 0.15mm and the board thickness is 0.5mm-3.0mm (0.02 “~ 0.12”). These flexible panels are available in various sizes up to x24. Printed circuit boards can be made in any of the popular solder mask colors, including red, black, blue, white and green. Taiyo psr4000 white is another popular solder mask option we offer. However, screen printing offers either of the two colors (white and black).

Copper used in PCB helps conduct electricity. Therefore, this is one of the important factors that affect the performance of PCB. We can supply PCB of various thicknesses, such as 0.5 oz, 1.0 Oz, 2.0 Oz, 3.0 Oz, 4 oz, 5 oz and 6 oz. Create profiles using drilling, milling and V-CUT.

2 Layer Flex PCB
2 Layer Flex PCB

We offer PCB with various surface treatment options, such as hot air solder leveling (HASL), organic solderability preservative (OSP) and gold deposition. All of these surface treatment options help extend the shelf life of a PCB and improve its function under adverse operating conditions.

Our two-layer flexible printed circuit board (FPC) provides a number of advantages to promote its popularity in various industries. Weight reduction and space reduction are the two main advantages of these PCBs. Our ability to use the thinnest substrate allows us to reduce the weight of PCBs and make them extremely flexible. Rigiflex offers flexible boards without any expensive connectors or cables, which helps to reduce its complexity while providing a price advantage. PCB design has interconnection and can be easily integrated into the required parts. The thinnest substrate on the printed circuit board provides excellent heat dissipation and increases airflow. All of these features help to improve the mechanical and electrical performance of these PCBs. In addition to these 2 layers of PCB, we can provide flexible printed circuit boards in layers 1-20. All PCBs are vacuum packed to avoid damage during transportation.

2 Layer Flex PCB
2 Layer Flex PCB



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