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18 Layer PCB Manufacturer

Looking for 18 layer PCB manufacturer? Alcanta PCB provides high quality and fast batch PCB manufacturing. We know that it is very important for our customers to deliver PCB on time so that they can launch products faster and more efficiently. As a leading PCB supplier, we have the diversification ability to meet any type of PCB manufacturing challenges you put forward.

18 layer pcb manufacturer
18 layer pcb manufacturer

As a PCB company, we have 31 years of experience to provide simple and complete prototype printed circuit boards for thousands of enterprises around the world. Without the NRE minimum requirements or contracts, we can produce up to 5000 fully produced printed circuit boards. This gives your company more flexibility and more PCB manufacturing specification options.


  • Layers: 18 layers of PCB;
  • Aspect ratio: 10:1;
  • Thickness of finished plate: 4.5mm;
  • Minimum pore diameter (PTH): 0.45mm;
  • Minimum trace width / spacing: 5MIL / 5MIL;
  • Technical points: Press in the matching hole;

Why should you choose us as your 18 layer PCB manufacturer?

Here are the specific reasons why you need to use Alcanta PCB as your preferred choice.

  • Alcanta PCB provides our customers with unparalleled service and the highest quality PCB.
  • We work with customers, big and small, and make sure we meet their every need.
  • We provide customers with flexible choices according to their manufacturing needs.
  • Products delivered on time.
  • Our experience helps us to contribute to the success of every customer. By working with our customers.
  • We offer extraordinary personal experience and expertise that sets us apart from our competitors.



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