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12 Layer PCB Fabrication

This is a multilayer PCB built on FR-4 substrate, TG 135 ° C, for signal transmission applications with 12 layers of copper wiring. It is 2.0 mm thick, has a white silk screen print on the green solder mask (Taiyo) and is impregnated with gold on the pad. The base material comes from iteq which provides single layer PCB. They are based on the data provided by Gerber 6012. Pack and ship every 20 plates.

12 layer pcb fabrication
12 layer pcb fabrication

By the time you stack a 12 layer pcb, your board has four flat surfaces and eight signal connection layers bonded together by six signal layers and five core post dielectric materials. The 12 layer PCB stack is sealed with dielectric solder mask. In general, multilayer PCB illustrations depict layers and bonding materials in the following colors – Brown for signal / plane copper, gray for prepreg / core dielectric, and green for top / bottom solder mask.

Multi layer PCB with eight layers, ten layers and twelve layers is very useful in many high-tech equipments and computer systems. In recent decades, the development of multilayer printed circuit boards has led to the rapid development of computer technology – from the past kHz system to today’s GHz machine.

Common layer stacking of 12 layer pcb

Common layer stacking of 12 layer pcb
Common layer stacking of 12 layer pcb

Thanks to the rapid development of today’s increasingly complex multi-layer PCB, the speed, capacity, compactness and ease of use of machines and equipment in various industries such as commerce, industry, health care, government, aerospace and so on are growing in speed, capacity, compactness and ease of use.

Functions and advantages of 2-layer PCB

  • The maximum reflux temperature of lead-free components is 260 ℃.
  • Longer storage time (can be stored in vacuum bag for more than 1 year), according to the required specifications
  • Improve signal transmission
  • PCB manufacturing speed.
  • Fast and timely delivery
  • UL approved and RoHS compliant
  • Prototype PCB function

Application of 12 layer PCB

  1. DSL modem,
  2. Solar cell charger,
  3. Vehicle tracker,
  4. GPS receiver,
  5. Wi Fi antenna,
  6. Bluetooth USB hub,
  7. USB wireless router,
  8. SMS modem,
  9. Multi coupler antenna,
  10. telephone system



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