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10 Layer PCB Manufacturer

Alcanta PCB is one of the professional 10 layer pcb manufacturers.10 layer PCB is more and more popular in satellite, GPS and memory module industry. Generally, 10 layer PCB boards are HDI boards, but some are not. Some of them have larger trace width and space, and the holes are more than 0.3 mm. When six wiring layers are required, ten layer boards should be used. As a result, a ten ply plate usually has six signal layers and four planes. It is not recommended to have more than six signal layers on a ten layer board.

Ten layers are also the maximum number of layers that can be easily fabricated on 0.062 inch thick plates. Sometimes, you’ll see that twelve layers are made into 0.062 inch thick plates, but the number of manufacturers that can produce that layer is limited.

10 layer pcb manufacturer
10 layer pcb manufacturer

High rise boards (10 +) require thin dielectric (usually 0.006 inch or less on 0.062 inch thick plates), so they automatically have tight coupling between layers. With the right stacking and cabling, they meet all our objectives and will have excellent EMC performance and signal integrity.

The following methods are sometimes used for stacking 10 layers of PCB:

Signal / solid state GND / high speed signal and important bus / solid state power or solid state GND / power or mixed with signal / power or signal / solid state GND / high speed signal and important bus / solid state GND / signal

Application of 10 layer PCB

Preamplifier, satellite antenna, GPS tracking device, SAN storage, AC driver, GSM signal intensifier, mobile broadband router, 220 V inverter, memory module, automobile dashboard

Cheap and low cost 10 layer PCB manufacturing

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