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10 Layer PCB Fabrication

A 10 layer PCB is a circuit board with 10 layers. They are tightly held together and there is a strong interrelationship between the layers. Because of the strong connection between the signal and the return plane and the strong coupling between the control / ground plane in the center of the board, the performance of the 10 layer PCB is so good. High speed signals will be routed to the signal layer in the plane.

10 layer pcb fabrication
10 layer pcb fabrication

How to glue the signal layer of 10 layer PCB

In this configuration, the method of pairing signal levels is to pair layers 1 and 10 (carrying low-frequency signals) and combine layers 3 and 4, as well as layers 7 and 8 (both with high-speed signals). By pairing the signals in this way, the planes on the second and ninth layers guide the high-frequency signals on the inner layer.

In addition, the signals of layers 3 and 4 are separated from those of layers 7 and 8 through neutral point control / ground plane pairs. For example, we can route the high-speed clock on any pair, and the high-speed data bus and address can also be transmitted to another pair, thus protecting the bus from clock noise pollution of the master plane.

How to electroplate 10 layer PCB stack

When PCB is electroplated, very thin copper layer will be deposited on the hole wall. The line is fully computerized and the panels are transported by overhead cranes through a series of chemical and flushing tanks. Almost all PCBs with two or more layers of copper use through holes to connect conductors between the two layers.

To get the correct connection, you need to cover the wall of the hole with 25 microns of copper. The thickness shall be electroplated, but the hole wall shall be non-conductive glass cloth and resin.

Advanced technology

  1. Using 64 layer processing technology, the minimum routing and spacing is 2.5 / 2.5mil, and the ratio of maximum plate thickness to hole diameter is 16:1.
  2. The processing technology of long and short gold fingers and the precise control of high-density wiring meet the design requirements of photoelectric communication products.
  3. High precision reverse drilling technology can reduce the equivalent series inductance of through-hole and meet the requirements of signal transmission integrity;
  4. Advanced metal base and ultra thick copper manufacturing process can meet the high heat dissipation requirements of power products.
  5. High precision mechanical and laser depth control technology can realize the structure of multi-stage step groove products and meet the assembly requirements of different levels.
  6. The mature mixing pressure process realizes the mixing of FR-4 and high-frequency materials, and saves material cost for customers on the premise of realizing high-frequency performance of products.
  7. Advanced CAF prevention technology greatly improves the reliability and service life of PCB products.
  8. Advanced embedded capacitance and resistance technology greatly improves the performance of PCB products.
  9. The advanced inner bare technology can meet the information transmission requirements of high frequency circuit.

Strict quality control

  1. UL certification.
  2. ISO9001:2008 quality certification.
  3. ISO / ts1694:2009 certification.
  4. Manage the processing of customized products in strict accordance with ipc6012 II / III / customer standards / enterprise internal standards.
  5. Strictly manage the confidentiality of customer information.



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